CyberTeams WebDAV Entrance Page

We sincerely appreciate your interest in, and support of, emerging Internet standards and protocols like WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning). CyberTeams is pleased to offer two ways to see our WebDAV server in action: Demo WebDAV on our Server, or Download and Evaluate WebDAV on your server using a WebDAV client like Microsoft® Web Folders.

Demo WebDAV on our Server

To demo WebDAV on the CyberTeams server, click on the Request Access button below.

Download and Evaluate WebDAV on your Server

To use our WebDAV Add-on Module on your server, you must be using Apache server version 1.3.6 or higher and have one of our WebSite Director products already installed on your server.

To request an evaluation license for our WebDAV Add-on Module with WebSite Director, select the WebSite Director product  -- WebSite Director Pro or Express -- you want to use. You will be directed through the WebDAV Download Request registration process.

Add workflow to Microsoft Office using WebDAV and WebSite Director. You can also use 3rd-partycontent creation products to create a drag and drop workflow environment using Microsoft Web Folders.


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