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Download Request

This page is the first step in the process that allows you to download and install the following CyberTeams' products on the Apache Server:

  • CyberTeams' Trial WebDAV Add-on Module
  • CyberTeams' WebSite Director Pro Content Management System. WebSite Director Pro optimizes web content workflow management. When you submit additions and changes to your site's web content, they pass through your approval process before being published to your web site. WebSide Director also provides Page Layout Templates, WYSIWYG Editing, Versioning, and much more.

The Trial WebDAV Add-on Module and WebSite Director Pro are licensed for 30-days for each server on which it is installed. Before we can issue your license, you must provide information about yourself, your company, a telephone number at which we can call you and the web server on which you will be installing our products.

When we receive your WebDav Download Request, we will contact you by telephone -- usually within a few hours -- to schedule  the demonstration and install for a date and time convenient to you.

If this is the first time you are requesting a license, we will assign you the Username and Password combination you will need to access the Download Area.

To get your Trial WebDAV Add-on Module license, you must agree to the terms of the license agreement presented after you click Request License below.

WebDAV Add-on Module License AgreementPage

Thank You
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Published Thu, Oct 31, 2002