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Using WebSite Director Pro and Microsoft® Web Folders

WebSite Director Pro (WSD), using the WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) protocol/interface, allow you to manage your web content environment using Microsoft® Web Folders and your favorite 3rd-party web content creation/manipulation program (e.g. Macromedia's Dream Weaver) or a local HTML editor (e.g. Netscape Composer).

You can use Web Folders to drag a content item from the server and modify it locally or create a new content item using your 3rd-party product. Then use Web Folders to drag the new/modified content item back to the web server. With WSD installed, the item you drag to the server becomes a workflow-based "request" to either add a new or modify an existing web content item. WSD automatically places these requests into your workflow environment.

The documents or files associated with these requests are placed in an area accessible only to users authenticated by WSD. These requests can then be approved in two different ways. Your approvers can either use WSD's web browser interface, or they can drag content items from one workflow stage to another using Web Folders.

Because Web Folders is not semantically-aware of any specific WebDAV properties -- like document-related information stored as WebDAV properties -- certain functions would still require web browser-based access. For the majority of your users using Web Folders and WSD, the content management process could be as simple as:

  1. Drag any content from your web server to your workstation.
  2. Manipulate it with any 3rd-party content manipulation product.
  3. Drag new or modified content from your workstation back to the server. WSD will automatically create the workflow request for approval.
  4. The appropriate approvers drag the request from stage to stage through the defined workflow process.

Note: When the final approving authority drags a content item into the "Publishing" folder, WSD will publish it to the site and create a version history entry for the content. And remember -- WSD always notifies your team members when there's work to be done, ensuring timely delivery of web content to your server.

As Web Folders becomes semantically aware, or new WebDAV client applications that are smarter than Web Folders become available, the need for a browser interface (other than for system administration) is reduced.

WebDAV server support for the current version of WSD is currently in Beta testing.

Why wait? Try it out right now!

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Published Thu, Oct 31, 2002